Before your initial consultation, please could you complete the attached health questionnaire and three day food diary to give us some indication of your health and diet. We can then build up a general picture of you and are able to research and prepare for your case. Please submit the questionnaire and food diary, at least 48 hours prior to your initial  consultation.


The initial consultation will last approximately 1 to 1 and a half hours and having taken a full case history during which the links between various symptoms, body systems, genetic factors and environmental influences are explored, we will discuss possible contributory factors and make suggestions to help alleviate symptoms and bring about an improvement in your health and well-being.  A personalised diet and lifestyle plan taking into account factors such your likes and dislikes, time commitments, and budget, will be fully researched, formulated, and emailed to you within 24-48 hours. Diagnostic tests may also be recommended to help determine any health concerns but these are purely optional and the reason for their recommendation fully explained. Your personalised plan may also include supplement recommendations if required.


A follow-up consultation to review your progress will be arranged, if you wish, 4 to 6 weeks after the initial appointment and will last approximately 45 minutes.  We will discuss how the plan has suited your circumstances and requirements and then make any necessary changes to your plan so as to achieve your health aims. Telephone and email support will be available free of charge in between consultations to help you to stay motivated.

Carolina can also offer home visits in Wolverhampton, Moseley, Solihull and Birmingham areas when appropriate. Consultations further afield may incur a charge for petrol.

Supermarket Tours

We offer personalised supermarket tours whereby we will accompany you at your supermarket when doing your grocery shopping. We will let you know how you could be eating more healthily and help you to make the right healthy food choices. Advice will be given on labelling, the content of food, and how you can replace your favourite foods with healthier versions.


Initial Consultation  – £75.00

Follow-up consultation £50.00

Supermarket tours – £40.00

A discount will be applied for all clients paying for both their initial and follow-up consultations upfront.


A 6 week Nutritional Healthy Eating Programme including face to face consultations, telephone advice / email support as and when needed during the six weeks, and a supermarket tour –  £150.00.

Reduced rates apply for children, senior citizens, students who hold an NUS card, an those on income-based JSA/Income-related ESA/Income Support/Working Tax Credit/Housing Benefit


Carolina can also offer home visits in the Wolverhampton and surrounding areas when appropriate. Consultations further afield may incur a charge for petrol.

Vitalia Nutrition Health Questionnaire

  • Food Diary

    Please list all meals, drinks and snacks you are likely to consume over a typical 3-day period, including one weekend day. Please give as much detail as possible.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Vitalia Nutrition will also work with other health professionals, including GP’s and consultants, to support clients with complex medical needs.